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WATCH: Mexican Drug Cartel Ambushes Police In Brutal Gun Fight

The Mexican government announced they are investigating the leak of a video that showed an October 2018 ambush by a Mexican drug cartel on a truck that was transporting four police officers.

“The video depicts the ambush killing of four officers of the Secretariat of Security of the State of Mexico (SSEM),” Robert Arce of Breitbart’s Border and Cartel team reported. “They were traveling on a mountain road in the municipality of Almoloya de Alquisiras on October 28 of this year at the time of their deaths.”

Mexican officials seized video of the attack as evidence from one of the suspected assailants involved in the attack who was taken into custody.

The first half of the video shows the suspects, who are believed to belong to La Familia Michoacana,” socializing and playing with their phones as they waited for the attack to happen.

The second half of the video shows the attack on the truck as it drove by on the road.

As the attack happened, the truck drove off the road and flipped over as hundreds of rounds descended down on the unsuspecting law enforcement officers.

“Roughly one police officer was killed daily on average in Mexico throughout most of 2018, according to a study conducted by Causa en Común,” Arce added. “The study was conducted up to December 9 and accounted for 388 officer deaths, but due to delays in reporting, was revised to 404.”


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