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WATCH: “Muslim Army” Caught Hiding in America. They’re Arming for WAR Against Trump.

In 1992, law enforcement shut down a terror organization, jamaat al-Fuqra, which was operating in Colorado. However, they were a lot larger than we thought.

They re-branded and are now calling themselves Muslims of America. Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project has caught the group arming and training its members to fight against Donald Trump!  

According to the information gathered by the Clarion Project, these terrorists have 22 training compounds within our country.

The original organization, al-Fuqra, is also active in Pakistan where it has committed various crimes and has been banned as a result.

In fact, the organization was founded by a Pakistani when he visited a mosque in Brooklyn, New York, via National Review.

Now, the newly re-branded organization is clearly preparing its membership for conflict, with arms, training, and extremist rhetoric. Just who do they think they’re going to be fighting?

Well, they at least think the FBI is going to be looking into them. Leadership has made it clear to members they expect the FBI to “reopen its cases against them as a homegrown terrorist organization.”

You must be up to something if you think the FBI is going to come knocking on your door. The organization has tried to avoid attracting law enforcement attention though. As Mauro points out, some of the members were arrested for carrying the organization’s weapons, as they were criminals and not allowed to carry arms.

To combat this, the organization has told members who have criminal histories they may no longer enter the compound. This seems to be intended to avoid giving the FBI a reason to enter the premises since they could if a felon were inside.

We simply cannot allow this group to continue to grow. They both recruit members and have children, including via polygamy. I say we need to get the FBI some serious search warrants right now and force these criminals and potential criminals out of the country!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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