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WATCH: Muslims DEMAND Christian Church SURRENDER to Islam – Pastor Has a Better Idea

One Oregon preacher stood up to pressure to deny his beliefs and cave into Muslims and political correctness. The man is not only a hero to Christians, but to all Americans who staunchly believe in free speech!

“Wake up Christians. Allah is not our God. Muhammad not greater than Jesus,” the sign in front of the Hood River Belmont Drive Missionary Church said. Pastor Michael Harrington chose the slogans for the sign and refused to back down after liberal protesters arrived in front of his church.

The phrasing chosen for the sign might be controversial, but Pastor Harrington was well within his First Amendment and Freedom of Religion constitutional rights when putting the words on the sign. “Only the Bible is God’s word. Koran is just another book,” the sign also read.

Pastor Harrington readily admitted his church sign was not politically correct. He said he never claimed to be follower of the liberal PC agenda. “I think I’m Biblically correct, and that’s what matters to me,” the faith leader of the small Oregon church also said. Harrington added the view from his church is beautiful, but many of the messages being shared outside of the house of worship are downright ugly.

Eric Cohn, a local resident out for a bike ride, was the first person to notice the church signs. Grabbing his fifteen minutes of fame, he told local reporters seeing the words on the sign “profoundly offended” and upset him.

Even the local mayor, Paul Blackburn, didn’t appear to respect the pastor’s free speech right. He claimed “normalizing bigotry” is on the rise in the United States.

A Christian pastor urging followers to hold only the Bible and Jesus as the ultimate and true symbols of the faith was deemed a “solid case of ugly” by Mayor Blackburn. It is highly doubtful the liberal mayor would have had such harsh words for a Muslim cleric that posted a sign saying the Koran is the only holy book and Allah the one real God.

Pastor Harrington was attacked on social media for his church signs. But he refused to back down or remove a single letter from his message. Why have Americans become so thin-skinned and weak in the knees over reading or hearing something they disagree with?

It’s not just millennial snowflakes who can’t bear to be even slightly offended, it is their liberal parents and grandparents as well. Political correctness is trying to alter and ultimately destroy the United States of America. We see the power of the PC police every single day in the mainstream media.

The world and news happening around us is being relayed through a far-left liberal’s lens by reporters, politicians, and public school teachers. America rose up and said “enough” when electing Donald Trump.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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