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WATCH: Muslims Hold Secret Meeting and Admit They’re ALL Radical. It’s All On Tape!

Anyone who has ever doubted how Muslims truly feel need only see how Muslims act in their “private” meetings. It will be a rude awakening for many.

They all believe in segregation of the sexes, they all believe that Islam is the truth and every other religion is wrong. They believe death should come to the “infidels,” and they believe in stoning those who “commit” adultery and homosexuality. And it is all in the video below…

And liberals have the gall to state that America is hateful, that Christians are hateful? Christians may not agree with every decision other people make, but they would never stone them to death for their “crimes against God.”

It’s wrong that women don’t get paid the same amount as men on average in our society, but we don’t segregate them from men and make them cover their hair. We don’t stone them when they cheat on their husbands or get a divorce.

We have people fighting to have Sharia Law instilled in America and what many refugees wish was implemented.

This type of lifestyle is obviously common with most if not all Muslim people. This is not radical to them — it’s normal. They try to point out the good points of Sharia Law, such as no interest on taxes. Well, I’d rather pay interest for the rest of my life than be considered as less than a man or have to cover my hair.

If we have open borders, then there will be no stopping a huge influx of Muslims coming into this country and trying to put their own laws into effect. Instead of a woman carrying a Taser to protect herself, she’ll be covered in a hijab so people think she’s Muslim.

The American people do not mind Muslim people living in this country and living by their own rules and their own beliefs, but they cannot inflict their beliefs on anyone else because they think it’s the “truth.”

I’m glad the temporary ban is in place, and I’m glad that Donald Trump is building a wall. Why? Because we have to protect the American people. People from Muslim countries kill people who are different from them — that’s why many terrorist attacks have happened in America.

And then they expect to bring their “ideals” to the countries they migrate to. That’s just not how it works here. When you kill a man for loving another man, that’s murder. When you stone a woman, that’s assault.

We will not tolerate this kind of barbaric belief in this country. Go back to where you came from if you have no intention of assimilating — you can paint your land red with the blood of the “sinners” all you want there.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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