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WATCH – Muslims Tried to Force SHARIA Law in Texas, Until This Mayor Showed Up…

Messing with Texas has never gone well for anyone. Even the sweet-looking ladies are made of tough stuff in the Lone Star State.

There is one set of laws in the United States. Last year, Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne took steps to protect our country and prevent the creation of “Sharia Court” in America.

Mayor Van Duyne closed down the first known Sharia court on American soil. The Irving mayor was met with intense backlash for doing what her oath of office mandates—following the law.

“We thought this was a fairly simple opportunity to say we are supportive of the statutes within the state of Texas and the U.S. Constitution,” Mayor Van Duyne said. Liberals came out against her, calling her all kinds of hateful names.

It does seem like a simple decision: do we support our U.S. laws or do we adhere to another set of laws? Every judge, attorney, and lawmaker in the country would say, of course, we support American laws and American laws only!

However, the vote to shut down the Sharia court in Texas was shockingly close. The city council chose to back their own mayor and the nixing of Sharia Law by a vote of just five to four.

The resolution ended the practice of “voluntary” Muslim tribunals from functioning in the Irving city limits. The law adhered to liberal PC guidelines and did not mention Islam or any religion by name.

“For some reason, Irving is important to the Islamists,” Glenn Beck said when interviewing Beth Van Duyne, as noted by the Texas Observer. “It could be as simple as the progressives trying to turn Texas blue.” To Beck’s comment, the mayor responded,”It’s nothing that I really want to have to face if that’s true. I would hate to think that that’s true.”

The resolution simply stated all citizens would follow and be governed solely by one set of laws. The laws of only the United States will prevail, once again, in Texas.

Mayor Van Duyne said she was hopeful the resolution would stop a Sharia court from operating in her town.

She is also hoping the action taken to prevent of Sharia Law in Irving would be duplicated by state lawmakers in Texas and around the country.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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