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WATCH: News Anchor Says Kaepernick is a Victim. What’s YOUR Response?

Colin Kaepernick has been news for too long, appealing to liberals by kneeling during our national anthem. Why sports anchors feel they must be involved in politics is beyond me.

During a recent First Take, several members of the liberal ESPN panel claimed Kaepernick was a victim, when the facts reveal the lack of signing is hardly related to his actual stand against our flag, but his own performance and actual opinion of his skills, which he his highly overrating.

Kaepernick made a lot of enemies during his protests, refusing to stand and honor the American flag while our national anthem rang through the stadium. And now that his game is slipping, no one wants him. Who would? He’s an unpatriotic flag-hater who has lost his game!

Now, liberal media members are trying to make it as though white ownership in the NFL is banning him. This is not a race issue, but rather an economic one.

Kaepernick is asking for upwards of $10 million and the right to compete for the starting job. No owner in his right mind would commit to that amount of money without having a locked in starter. Backups in this league make a couple of million or are rookie draftees that make the league minimum.

Football is also a very patriotic sport, and many fan bases were uphauled at what he did. Owners are simply listening to what their fans want and they don’t want an unpatriotic player on their sideline.

What’s really surprising is that these news anchors feel as if they can speak for the general managers and owners of the teams, but what Kaepernick did upset many people who are avid football fans. He brought politics into a place many sought to get away from the divisive climate of the 2016 election.

The problem with Kaepernick is not that he exercises his First Amendment right — it’s the fact that he did it in way that affected the American people negatively. He went from a hero to some to a flag-hater and enemy of the U.S., and the NFL had a drop in viewers.

Kaepernick has no problem exercising his right of freedom of speech but doesn’t bother to exercise his right to vote — he’s a hypocrite. Add that with his recent poor playing, and I wouldn’t hire him either! He’s focusing on public and media attention rather than his skills as a player.

The left will never stop defending those who are the “victims,” and they seem all too eager to talk about many things besides sports. Well, they need to stay in their lane and let the managers and owners pick their teams. Kaepernick should be picked because of his abilities as an athlete, not because of the political views he has.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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