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WATCH: NYPD Cops WRECK Protesters Obstructing Traffic Over ICE Raids

Another protest against President Trump occurred in New York, with liberals screeching about amnesty for illegals, but they refused to move out of traffic, so the police took action!

For their lack of respect for their fellow citizens and the law, some of the protesters were treated to a nice face full of snow, among other things… 

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers conducted raids this past week, during which hundreds of illegals were apprehended for the crimes they committed in the United States.

These liberals had gathered on the roads to protest ICE’s raids. They are protesting the enforcement of our laws, literally. And forget about peaceful and respectful protests, as they were clearly ready for violence, not to mention the shouts of “F-ing Pig” you can hear while the officers do their jobs.

The protest took off on social media, with many posting pictures and “hashtag” messages about their support for the people who refuse to follow our laws. It’s idiotic.

These raids and deportations are causing tensions to run quite high — the illegals are on edge, fearing they too are going to be caught and kicked out of this country. My advice to them is to pack their bags, leave with dignity, or risk being put into cuffs and sent back to whatever country you belong shame. Quite frankly, I don’t care which route you take, I just want you out of this country!

Besides, even if what you are protesting makes sense, you still can’t block traffic. And if you don’t obey the officers and disrespect them, then you will pay the price.

These raids are being carried out against those who are illegal and wanted for criminal activity they committed while in this country. “If they’re being picked up and deported, they’re the right people – the men and women of ICE and Homeland Security, in general, are doing this completely legally,” stated Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, via ABC.

The American people are tired of the whining and complaining of liberal protesters, who believe it is their right to do whatever they want. Well, you can’t block traffic, and you can’t stop ICE from conducting its arrests of criminals.

Let’s see how much longer their protesting lasts now that the kid gloves have come off and officers are actually allowed to do their jobs.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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