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WATCH: Oliver North Exposes Massive Enemy Invasion, Dems Covering It Up

The famous retired Martine Lt. Col. Oliver North appeared on Fox News to talk about an enemy that has been creeping its way into our country for a long time. In fact, this enemy has invaded as many as 42 states.

North is, of course, talking about the deadly gang MS-13. He confirms what we all know. He stated in an interview with Fox News that “MS-13 is the ISIS, the Al Qaeda, the Taliban of the Western Hemisphere.” We have all seen the danger that this particular gang can cause, and we all agree that we don’t want that kind of violence in our country.

The conversation shifted to the topic of MS-13 following President Trump’s trip to Long Island, New York, where he spoke to the people there about getting rid of the gang. The gang is primarily made up of illegal immigrants from El Salvador, so it only makes sense to make it a big part of his plan to drive them out.

They are not just breaking the law and coming into the country illegally, but they are also wreaking havoc in the lives of hard-working Americans. It’s a brutal cycle that results in an explosion of gang members over a short amount of time.

It is reported that when illegal immigrants families come here and bring their children, the gang finds these children and indoctrinates them into their vicious cycle of violence, drugs, and murder.

North agreed with the president and said that his speech was “spot on.” There is a problem with illegal immigration in our country, and the left is actively trying to cover it up.

One of the best ways they try to hide the problem of illegal immigration is by erecting sanctuary cities. These places are safe havens for undocumented individuals, so they tend to flock there by the dozens to get away from ICE. Once they are there, the city helps set them up to receive government benefits and they are free to go on as they please.

The left will then exclaim that everyone belongs here, but Tucker Carlson covered this topic best. He states that if you disagree with the law, that’s fine. If that is how you feel, bring it forward and try to get that law changed. That is why we have a democracy. You cannot just ignore the federal law because you don’t like it. We can still be compassionate and welcoming while upholding the rule of law.

What’s worse is that the sanctuary cities are harboring these MS-13 members, too. That means when they arrive, they know if they make it to a sanctuary city, they are free to live in the United States as long as they want.

It is a good thing that President Trump is cracking down on gangs like MS-13 and illegal immigration in general — he is working in the best interest of the American people. We need protection from these insane and murderous gang members. One of the first ways to protect the people that live in this country is to make sure that the gang members don’t get here at all.

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