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WATCH – O’Reilly Destroys Elizabeth Warren and Al Franken In EPIC Viral Video

Most political commentators are talking about the divide in America and within the Democrat party in particular. Bill O’Reilly called out two of the biggest culprits Senators Wallace and Franken.

“You can decide whether the far left is really looking out for the country by objecting to school choice and trying to smear a man like Sen. Sessions,” O’Reilly stated on his show.

Some of the Democrats are more moderate, but others are severe leftists who would rather encourage the division of this country than seek to unite it.

Sen. Al Franken is strongly opposed to Betsy DeVos becoming the secretary of education as many liberals are, and he criticized her for supporting school choice.

But why? What is so wrong with school choice? Is it because it will be standing up to the teacher’s unions, which happen to give thousands to Franken? To many, Franken’s clear bias is embarrassing. The Democrat is protecting his money, not the American people. And that is the exact problem with our political system today.

School choice is about being able to provide children who come from poor families the same opportunities as children from wealthy families — how is that wrong? DeVos has worked her entire life to make sure that children are given good educations, but liberals are making jokes that under DeVos our school system will be so poor that no one will know how to read.

But Obama did nothing to help our failing education system. There are poor school systems all across the country that pass students just to get them out, and Obama and the liberals clearly have no answer to the problem. In fact, they made it worse! The food requirements our former First Lady put in place crippled a lot of our schools. They couldn’t afford supplies because they had to spend all their funds on “healthy” food.

As for Warren, the phony Pocahontas, she tried to read a letter written by Coretta Scott King, the late widow of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as an argument against Jeff Sessions becoming attorney general for the United States.

But that letter was written over 30 years ago and wasn’t even relevant to King’s later changed opinion of Sessions. Warren was just trying to smear Sessions’s name and label him a racist, just like all the other hateful leftists are doing.

Thankfully, Warren was barred from speaking on the Senate floor for the rest of Sessions’s hearing. His actual record speaks for itself — Sessions has done a lot of great work in prosecuting across the board. He has fairly and justly convicted those who committed crimes, regardless of skin color.

Some Democrats are so hateful and radical. All they want to do is spread fear among the public and set them against every person Trump nominated to his cabinet. They don’t care about what is best for this country.

As O’Reilly stated on his show, “Talking Points believes that honest debate is necessary, but part of that equation is letting you know what’s really going on behind the scenes.” And what is going on is sickening. Franken and Warren need to shape up. If the Democrats had any pride, they’d kick these two from the party.

We are seeing the beginnings of a war within the Democrat party itself, as the old guard toes the line and the new guard seems to want change, but they simply to not have the numbers to pull it off.

I have a feeling, the more resistance we see by people like Warren and Franken, and GOP members like McCain for that matter, the more fresh names we will start to see in Washington over the next two elections.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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