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WATCH: This Patriotic John Wayne Video Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes. SHOW SUPPORT!

Old Hollywood is just a myth. The patriotic stars of the “golden age” have passed on, and they’ve left us with a new generation of anti-American, flag-burning hypocrites.

This video shows Hollywood legend John Wayne on a ship, waiting for the sunset to reverie the flag, and to fold it to rest until morning’s first light. He honored the flag, INSTEAD of desecrating it like the celebrities of today do. More people need to be like John Wayne.

We saw a lot of actors (and singers) claim they would leave the country if Trump was elected. We have has-beens like Madonna screaming about how she’d like to “blow up the White House.” Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for our National Anthem! The “stars” of today are a disgrace.

Rather than support the American way, and freedom, our entertainers would rather protect illegal immigrants and refugees who do nothing but destroy this country — financially AND physically. Celebrities praise sanctuary cities instead of respecting our laws.

They promote Sharia Law, and the Black Lives Matter movement. Celebrities like to think they stand for justice, wholly unaware of what they’re really encouraging: oppression and violence. It’s become popular to hate America and everything it stands for.

John Wayne came from an older time — and clearly that time is in the grave, just like the Duke. The American people would do well to remember and honor those days, and the flag, just like Wayne did.

He would be appalled to see millennial thugs walking around our streets today. He’d certainly have something to say about their beanies, skinny jeans, and nonstop whining about President Trump. I’m sure most kids today don’t even know how to properly fold the flag!

Millennials are happy to disrespect the American flag because they don’t understand what it represents. Our flag, like the American people and the country itself, will always stand for what’s right. Our flag was there during our darkest hours, our brightest moments, and everything inbetween. Like the Star-Spangled Banner proudly proclaims, “…and our flag was still there.” It always will be.

The flag is a reminder of our accomplishments, and a nod to the great Americans who’ve made sacrifices to achieve them. It’s a symbol of the freedom we fought for, the battles we’ve won, and lives lost. The liberals of the world would do well to remember that for once.

John Wayne knew this, and he lived his life in honor of this country and its values. We need to support our new president, and the celebrities who are proud of this great nation. Let’s boycott the ones that fight against America.

I think John Wayne would have liked Trump, because he’s restoring America to her former glory. President Trump promised to implement changes that’ll make this country great again, and so far, he’s delivering on that promise. God Bless John Wayne! God bless Donald J. Trump!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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