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WATCH: Pearl Harbor Vet Turns to Trump, Gives Him Shocking Message From Military

The attack on Pearl Harbor was one of the darkest times in American History. President Trump met with the brave men who survived the attack on the USS Arizona last Friday, and it was breathtaking.

During the meeting, President Trump called the Veterans “heroes,” and went on to say what an honor it was to meet them. Suddenly, you hear one of the veterans say something to Trump that made our hearts swell with pride. The Veteran told the president that “This country’s coming together again,” and we couldn’t agree more!

These brave Vets have no doubt looked on as the country crumbled under the Obama presidency. It seemed as if there was no coming back from the path he had us on. Trump shows Veterans everywhere that the Patriots of this country still have some fight left.

As President Trump has stated in the past, the critics mean nothing to him. All he cares about is honoring those who deserve it and defending our country at any cost.

During their visit to the White House, our president delivered a heartwarming speech that touched every single proud American in the room. President Trump said, “There are many remarkable things that I witness as president, but nothing can take the place of meeting heroes like those with us today.”

Our Veterans are the groundwork for our country; without them, we would be nothing. They have secured our freedoms time and time again. It does not matter if they are watching over us at home or abroad; their presence alone is something that needs to be admired and cherished.

President Trump continued his speech, “In them, we see the strength of our nation, the courage of our men and women in uniform, the resolve to never accept failure, and the belief that justice will always triumph. We encourage you to take the time out of your day to watch this historic moment as veterans meet with President Trump in what can only be described as an awe inspiring moment. THIS is what “Making America Great Again” looks like.

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