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WATCH: Pelosi, Using Air-Quotes, Mocks President Trump’s Mind

On Thursday, speaking at her weekly press conference, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi elicited laughs from reporters when she used air-quotes to describe President Trump’s mind.

A reporter, turning to the subject of gun control, asked, “Do you believe the problem is that the president doesn’t know what he supports? (Senate Majority Leader) Mitch McConnell said he’ll move something when he hears from the White House. Have you spoken with the president?”

Pelosi answered:

Let me just say that leader McConnell says that about every subject, whether we’re talking about the CR we were very happy to file last night so that we can take it up today; we understand that the Senate will be accepting the CR that we send over there, whether it’s about negotiating what comes next in terms of negotiations to continue to keep government open; whatever the subject, the (Senate Majority) leader will just say, “I’m just waiting to hear what the president wants.”

Now, that is to abdicate your role as a leader in Article 1, first branch of government. Yes, we all want to work together to have the most sustainability for what we do, and the president’s signature is an important part of that, but to say that we won’t even make a suggestion, that we will not represent, we are representatives and so are the senators. The point of view of 90% of the American people support HR8 background checks, responsible background checks legislation.

So the president says he wants to do it; let’s hope that he does; we’ve heard through staff that they’re still working on it; he’s gonna call us when he’s ready, but we haven’t heard directly from the president.

The reporter pressed, “Have you spoken with him? What do you think he’s wrestling with?”

Pelosi replied, “You want me to tell you what goes on in the president’s ‘mind?'” She made air-quotes with the fingers of both hands.

Mocking Trump’s mind may seem a risky move for Pelosi to make; in July, she stumbled through a speech at the NAACP’s 110th anniversary convention in Detroit, Michigan, with quotes like these:

“It’s wonder to be here…”

“Imagine the honor to get the NAACP cem—, centen—, NAACT centennial anniversary.”

“And now it is a great pleasure to be with you here in New York— in Detroit for the NAAC’s 110th anniversary.”

“In our new house, the house, the house congressional black caucus…”

“We, too, must continue to stand firm for fairness, for generin—, genuine equality.”

“Once we, once we restore the vote and break the grass, the gas, the grasp of special interest…”

“A pay raise that is so ex—, in the workplace, we must achieve health—, justice and healthcare.”

In May, after Pelosi held a news conference, Fox Business political analyst Ed Rollins, appearing on FBN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” noted Pelosi was 79, adding that she had been “uncharacteristically” “inarticulate” as of late, suggesting she “step in the back.” He concluded, “She shouldn’t be the point-person leading the Democrats.”

Video of Pelosi below:

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