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WATCH: Pro-Migrant Anti-Trump Protesters Block Road, Mess With The WRONG Officers

During Obama’s tenure, police couldn’t act because of all the liberal red tape. They were forced to watch protesters loot businesses, block roads, and destroy communities.

But no more! Under Trump, the police are now allowed to act as they did in this video — arresting and pepper spraying those who refuse to cooperate.

Last week, a huge pro-illegal immigration protest broke out in Tucson, Arizona. They were part of the “Day Without Immigrants” protests, which hardly anyone noticed to be honest, via Tucson News.

The police had to respond when these 100 “peaceful” protesters turned violent and criminal like they always seem to do. The protesters decided they would block the road, which is illegal.

The police officers took swift and decisive action. These lawbreakers were pepper-sprayed and arrested as they tried to argue for their abuse of the First Amendment.

Four individuals were arrested and identified for their violent protesting. David Leon, 24; Joan Cichon, 68; and Tanya Alvarez-Blancarte, 42 were charged with aggravated assault of police officers. Najima Rainey, 39, was charged with failure to identify and obstructing justice.

As the video shows, Rainey is carried off the road by several officers while she screams and cries for someone to save her. And some did, only to receive a big spritz of pepper spray into their faces.

These protesters were pushing and hitting the police officers, somehow thinking the First Amendment would protect them from the consequences of their actions, but assaulting a police officer is a crime, and anyone who tries it will be arrested.

Of course, like all liberals arrested for breaking the law, these four are claiming to be victims of police brutality, but as the video shows, these police officers tried to get them to move on with their voices alone and gave them plenty of warning before they took control of the situation.

These liberals were lucky that the police officers restrained themselves from even greater action, all of which would have been within their right to do so. They were severely out-manned and were facing a mob scene.

Our law enforcement officials were protecting the people of Tucson, Arizona and letting them continue on their way on the roadways. Instead of being criticized, they should be appreciated for their hard work in dealing with the obnoxious lawbreakers.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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