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WATCH – Protesters Try to BLOCK ‘Bikers For Trump,’ Immediately Regret It

Liberals came in droves to the Inauguration of Donald Trump, just to rain on everyone’s parade. But the Bikers for Trump were not having their games.

The liberals formed a human chain, trying to block people from going where they needed to go. But the bikers came and continued to break them apart to let people through. Bikers are stronger than the weak and pale liberals of the world.

One liberal did what they always do, and that’s to start filming. It’s their classic “oh, you better mind your manners” action to protect them from harm. He said, “You’re on camera buddy, you’re on camera!” And the biker’s response is classic.

“I don’t give a f***, my name is Dave!” This biker didn’t care that he was being filmed, he didn’t care if he was going to be reprimanded. The Bikers for Trump movement came there to make sure that the American people had a good, safe time at the inauguration, free from Liberal interference, and that’s exactly what Dave was trying to do.

According to reports, the liberal human chain was keeping the biker’s wife from attending, police eventually stepped in and prevented a fight from starting but the bikers did manage to get some people through. (via the Federalist Papers)

I don’t know why the liberals feel the need to ruin everything that the American people have worked so hard for, but that’s exactly what they were trying to do at the inauguration. To liberals, their rights matter more than the rights of others.

I hope law enforcement was able to explain to these leftist crybabies that they can’t block people from coming in, they can’t prevent someone from doing something. It’s their right to protest, but it is not their right to block people’s path.

When they block roads, they go to jail, and the same should be done when they block pedestrian routes.

Then again, no matter how much you try to reason with protesting Liberals, they will parrot back to you what the main stream media tells them. They’re going to discredit every single thing that Donald Trump does, and they’re going to keep pouting for at least four years.

I’m glad the Bikers for Trump made a commitment to be there for the American people. Because of them, many people were able to enjoy the Inauguration and see the President sworn in to improve this country. And, God Bless Dave, the biker who doesn’t give a f*** what liberals think!

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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