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WATCH – ‘Refugee’ Kicks Woman Down Flight of Stairs, And It’s ALL On Video

Is a “cultural jihad” emerging? This shocking and violent new viral video, which depicts the abuse one woman sustained, indicates there is, at least, a mounting danger emerging in communities inundated with Muslim refugees.

The video clearly shows a Muslim refugee kicking a woman down a flight of stairs. Some witnesses and social media posters have deemed the gruesome incident a wholly unprovoked attack by a “migrant gang,” a WND report notes.

This footage is from a security camera inside the Berlin subway station. The story quickly garnered national headlines after Bild, a German newspaper, wrote about the attack and posted the “shocking video” to its website.

According to the German newspaper, a group of men followed the woman down into the subway station. The 26-year-old victim was reportedly unaware the men were following her until one forcefully and brutally kicked her.

One of the men appeared to issue a hard kick right into the woman’s back. The petite woman quickly lost her balance and went tumbling down the stairs.

A man in the group of refugees paused just briefly after the attack to look down on the ground at the victim. Before walking away, the man stooped to pick up an empty beer bottle.

After kicking the German woman down the stairs, the Muslim refugees appear to just casually and calmly walk away from the scene. The so-called Muslim gang seemed completely unconcerned about attacking the woman in full view of many witnesses.

The woman reportedly sustained no serious injuries after being kicked down the subway stairs. She filed a police report, but it is not yet known if Berlin police officers have been able to locate any of the refugees involved in the attack.

The YouTube channel Freedom USA posted the uncensored video, which quickly went viral. The video argued that a cultural jihad is going on within Germany and added, “Gangs roam the streets and terrorize the weak.”

Donald Trump will not be continuing Barack Obama’s Muslim refugee resettlement program, which allowed improperly vetted individuals onto American soil, but there are already tens of thousands of such folks in the United States. What is happening in Germany could easily happen here. Stay alert, patriots.

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Source: Angry Patriot Movement

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