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Watch Reince Priebus Get On Camera And Make Trump Leap For Joy With 7 Words!

On Sunday, Reince Priebus joined NBC’s Chuck Todd on Meet the Press. He laid down the cold hard truth for skeptics. He laid out the cold hard truth to the people that are very confused at what the mainstream media is doing right now.

He said this line that should make any American proud:

“We Won’t Apologize For Keeping America Safe!”

Here is what Priebus said:

“The fact of the matter is that 325,000 people from foreign countries came into the United States yesterday, and 109 people were detained for further questioning. Most of those people were moved out. We’ve got a couple dozen more that remain,” Priebus told Todd. “I would suspect that as long as they are not awful people, they will be moved through today… If they’re folks that shouldn’t be in this country, they’re going to be detained. So we apologize for nothing here.”

*** Share this right now! If you are not ashamed to protect this country from our biggest enemy, then get this out there.

God bless you, Reince! Keep standing up to the lame stream media for Trump. It’s just starting to get rocky, patriots.

Source: Libertywritersnews

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