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WATCH: Sarah Palin Rips Sacha Baron Cohen For Disrespecting Vets, Middle America

During a “Good Morning America” appearance on Friday, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin ripped into comedian Sacha Baron Cohen for mocking veterans and Middle America. Cohen, most famous for his role as “Borat,” apparently duped Palin into a “humiliating” interview where he posed as a wounded war vet for a new Showtime comedy series.

Told it was a legitimate meeting, Palin, an outspoken supporter of miliary veterans, traveled with her daughter Piper to meet the “veteran.”

“Well, it was proposed to me as a legitimate interview to speak about veterans issues and our military and current events to a new audience,” explained the former governor. “It was supposed to be this big time Showtime documentary and it was passed onto me by a speaker’s bureau — which I would assume had done some vetting. … But you know, this quote-unquote comedian is very good at lying, at duping people, because look at the long list now since I’ve come out and described my experience, all these other guys, all these men coming out now saying, ‘Oh yeah, me too.'”

Cohen allegedly told Palin that Chelsea Clinton “was the recipient of a government-funded sex-change.” That was when she started to understand that the meeting was a sham.

“It just got worse and worse and worse as the minutes went on in this bizarre, really humiliating interview,” Palin recalled. “It mocked middle class Americans. It mocked our values. It mocked the disabled and it just got worse and worse.”

“It was occurring to me that whatever this show really is is all about humiliation and devaluing Middle Class Americans that I represent. So I said enough was enough and I took off my mic and I walked out,” she added.

“No one has taken me up on my offer for them to donate the proceeds from this show to veterans organizations which truly support and respect our vets,” she added.


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