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WATCH – Sean Hannity LOSES IT on Trump Haters, His 1 Sentence is Going Viral

Sean Hannity can only take so much and when he goes off, man, does he go off. And the focus of his wrath this time around are the ridiculous Trump haters in the media and throughout the country.

“If you take a complete and honest and unbiased look at what President Donald J. Trump is trying to do, then you’ll see it’s all pretty simple,” Hannity stated.

These new guidelines make a lot of sense to the American people — that is, if you’re not a liberal who can’t grasp the concept of protecting our borders.

These guidelines will be focusing on removing criminal illegals and hiring more Americans to protect and defend our borders to make sure that no illegal crosses over without the permission to do so.

They will also help the police act as immigration officers, which will help in the timely processing of these lawbreakers without having to wait for immigration agents to come to where police have apprehended an illegal immigrant.

They will start the building of our promised wall on the US-Mexico border and stop the “catch and release” policy, which lets illegals remain in this country while waiting for a court appearance, something that can be a very slow process of months or even years at a time.

We will be cracking down on the illegals, returning them to their countries of origin and addressing the crimes they committed instead of ignoring them like Obama’s administration did. It’s pretty simple.

Lawbreaking by illegal aliens will no longer be tolerated. Liberals can whine and complain all they like, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to change. We elected Trump knowing he was going to build the wall and crack down on immigration — that’s why we voted for him.

President Trump is in no way evicting all Hispanics from this country — he is not calling for a white-only America as liberals seem to believe. That is asinine, and anyone who believes that needs to admit they are naïve and easily manipulated by Democrats.

Our president is trying to secure our borders and stop crime and the vast flow of drugs channeling in across our border. This has nothing to do with the Mexican people — it has everything to do with keeping this nation safe.

That’s what our government should always be focused on, but sadly it wasn’t so under the Democrats. Obama constantly ignored the American people’s cries for greater security and overall compassion for the plight of the everyday man in this country.

Instead, Obama was focused on refugees and illegals and protecting their rights and interests over those of the American people. With Hillary Clinton, it would have been the same thing. And that’s why Trump was elected. He cares about America and will be making it great again!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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