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WATCH: Security Guard Fired After Being Caught On Video Failing To Help Police Officer

An intense arrest caught on video ended up costing a security guard her job. The reason she was fired? Instead of helping a police officer subdue a man suspected of an aggravated robbery and shooting, the security guard, who was in uniform, took out her cell phone and started filming the moment, failing to help even when the suspect appeared to try to grab the officer’s gun.

“Houston police arrested Davon Shavelle Miller, 17, after he had a fight with an officer that was caught on video and posted to Facebook,” Click 2 Houston reported Tuesday. “An officer pulled over Miller, who was driving a car connected to an aggravated robbery and shooting in Harris County, the Houston Police Department said. Miller got out of the car and ran, the Police Department said, and the officer chased and tackled him.”

A video posted on Facebook (see below) shows what happened next.

The officer managed to pin Miller down, attempting to handcuff him as he resisted arrest. An unidentified man is helping the officer subdue the suspect by warning he’ll shock him with a stun gun if he continues to fight.

But Miller refuses to allow the officer to cuff him, repeatedly claiming, “He’s trying to kill me!”

One bystander is trying to talk sense into Miller, yelling, “Stop resisting,” and assuring him the officer is not trying to “kill him.”

Another bystander, a woman dressed in a security guard uniform, appears to be filming the incident on her cell phone.

In one particularly tense moment, Miller appears to reach for the officer’s gun. “Stop reaching for my gun!” the officer yells. Miller responds, “I didn’t grab his gun!”

It’s after this point that the officer notices the security guard walking around filming the struggle. “Help me!” the officers yells at the guard. “Stop f***ing filming and help me!”

Houston Police Officers’ Union President Joe Gamaldi said afterward that Miller was “absolutely a threat.”

“He had a pistol in his car that his girlfriend actually wrapped in a towel and threw it in the bushes while our officer (was) fighting with him,” said Gamaldi, Click2Houston reports. “Not only that — you watch the video — he’s grabbing our officer’s gun.”

Gamaldi said Miller was charged with felony disarming a police officer for his attempt to take the officer’s gun.

The union president said in an update tweet Wednesday that he’d contacted the company employing the security guard. “They handled the issue swiftly, she is no longer employed w/the company,” he wrote. “In addition they expressed their love, support, admiration for HPD officers.”

Here’s Click2Houston’s coverage of the story, followed by Inside Edition’s (H/T Hot Air)::

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