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WATCH: Senator Dismantles ‘Manufactured Crisis’ Narrative Peddled By Media, Democrats

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) slammed Democrats during President Donald Trump’s visit to the border on Thursday, calling out their false claims that what is going on at the border is somehow a “manufactured crisis.”

“Before you, you see heroin and methamphetamine that’s been seized, you see bulk cash $362,000,” Cornyn said. “When the drugs are sold in the United States they have to get the cash back across the border through the cartels.”

“And you see the sorts of weapons that are used by the drug cartels and others and you can imagine the violence that goes along with that,” Cornyn continued. “And so, when people like Ted and I hear our colleagues in Washington say this is a manufactured crisis, we kind of wonder what planet they’ve been living on because this is not just about economic migrants, this about people that exploit the vulnerabilities in our border, this is about the 70,000 people who died of drug overdoses in America just last year.”

Cornyn noted that a large portion of those deaths were caused by heroin that comes from Mexico, saying, “90 percent of the heroin that’s used in the United States comes from Mexico.”

Cornyn also highlighted the problem on the border with human trafficking and modern-day slavery.


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