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WATCH: Snowflake Libs Block Diplomat’s Car, Immediately Learn a Powerful Lesson

The liberal snowflakes are, without a doubt, the most obnoxious people to walk the face of the earth. Self-entitlement oozes from them, and it makes our stomachs turn.

The G20 Summit just occurred in Hamburg, Germany, which is where this happened. You can see the typical line of snowflakes standing in the middle of the road protesting. They are not even sure WHY they are complaining. Big surprise, they refused to move when a diplomatic vehicle rolled up on them, and the driver gave them fair warning to get out of the way. They didn’t, so he plowed right on through!

Cases like this happen everywhere where free speech is allowed, ironically enough. Liberals LOVE using their freedom of expression rights to try and infringe on the rights of others. It is absolute insanity.

If we had to guess, we would say that the protesters were probably standing there because the media told them that Trump is bad, and they are just protesting in obedience to their Progressive masters’ orders.

Separating the snowflakes and initiating one-on-one conversations would be interesting. We would bet that 15 people could give you 15 different reasons why they are there protesting.

Angesichts der Situation in Hamburg… alles richtig gemacht…Audi a8(diplomatenfahrzeug) durchbricht Barrikade.falls ihr euch unsicher in Hamburg fühlt: Verteidigungsspray: Hamburger Abendblatt

Posted by Car Gadgets on Friday, July 7, 2017

The simple truth is they have NO right to block the roads and bother other people because of their erratic emotions. Their feelings do no matter to ANYONE. If they want to stand on the sidewalk and whine–fine.

When they start blocking the road, they are interfering with the lives of OTHER PEOPLE for no reason. These are people that are going to work, transporting their children, visiting family, and running errands. Why should they have to sit through this nonsense?

It is unacceptable, and the driver of the vehicle did the right thing. He was even polite enough to give them a fair warning. He didn’t even actually hit anyone; he just ran over a bike.

The look on their faces is pure shock and disbelief. They have been told that they are “special” to such an extreme degree that when they get a dose of reality, it breaks them. Then, they can claim they have PTSD and expand their victim status even further.

There is no winning with these idiots. Nothing will ever please them because they don’t even know what they want. They spent the entire time supporting Hillary when she didn’t even have a MESSAGE.

President Trump was talking about creating jobs, supporting our veterans, making America safe, draining the swamp, and all of the other major things about which the Patriots of this country care. Meanwhile, Clinton would say “Trump is bad.” THEN when she lost, she blamed everyone except her own terrible campaign.

It looks like Clinton has a bit of a victim complex herself. At least we know where the rest of the snowflakes get it from. They need to pull their heads out of their behinds and start working with OUR President!

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