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WATCH: Stars Bash Trump At VMAs. Nothing Could Help Trump More.

On Monday night, the star-studded Video Music Awards on MTV featured its usual bevy of shock performances, bizarre behavior, and garbage music. But its unifying feature was the repeated display of anti-Trump sentiment from the stage. It began with Kevin Hart and Tiffany Hadish opening the show with some Trump-bashing:

Hart stated, “At this game, you guys can kneel. You can do whatever the hell you want. There’s no old white man that can stop you.” He later stated, “You never know what’s going to happen at the VMs. I mean, beefs pop off, bad language, people sending out crazy tweets. It’s basically like your typical day at the White House. In your face, Trump — suck it!”

That wasn’t the only anti-Trump moment. Logic sang his song “One Day” while wearing a shirt saying, “F*** The Wall,” accompanied by immigration advocates wearing shirts reading, “We Are All Human Beings.”

It was fitting that Michael Avenatti attended the VMAs; Stormy Daniels’ lawyer has transformed himself into a presidential candidate solely on the basis of his vocal attempts to target Trump.

All of this actually helps Trump.

Trump’s support base isn’t driven by economic concerns. It’s driven by cultural flash points, by the culture wars promoted by the Left and leveraged against those in the middle of the country. The pervasive feeling of being scorned, of being sneered at by those in the cultural know drove a lot of Trump’s appeal for those people, and the VMAs renewed that feeling. Cultural elites who treat those in the middle of the country as deplorables drive voters into Trump’s arms. That’s why Hillary Clinton’s Democratic National Convention, which featured star power that dwarfed the star power of the RNC, was such a major backfire.

It will be again. Kevin Hart may earn cheers from his peers in New York and Los Angeles, but it’s Trump who will be earning votes off of that virtue signaling.

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