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WATCH – Ted Cruz DEFENDS Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban,’ Then Turns His Attention to Obama

Ted Cruz has once again stepped up to defend President Trump and his decisions, lashing the liberals who are criticizing the president’s executive orders and nominations.

“When the acting attorney general and Obama hold-over instructed the Department of Justice to refuse to defend the president’s order, it was an act of brazen partisan lawlessness. It was not based on law — it was based on a policy disagreement,” Cruz stated.

This is not even the first time that a ban like this has been in place! Obama implemented a similar ban and so have other presidents both Democrat and Republican. There is no legal cause to disobey the president on this matter.

And, as Cruz points out, attorneys general do not reject the orders of the president. “For the life of me, I cannot recall a single instance in which Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch stood up to Barack Obama on anything,” he stated.

And yet now Democrats are looking for an AG who will disagree with the president. Many Democrats are upset that Jeff Sessions will be the attorney general, simply because he agrees with many of Trump’s platforms and will uphold the law without kneeling to anything the Democrats want.

The liberals are acting like Sessions and Trump will strip away their civil liberties. No, President Trump upholds the law and cares deeply about strengthening the Constitution — he isn’t like former President Obama.

Obama did not uphold the law many times during his presidency, and he did not push for Hillary Clinton to be brought up on charges of threatening national security. He did not tell Loretta Lynch that she needed to recommend prosecution.

The Democrats were more than too willing to overlook the crimes of those who were “elite,” like Hillary Clinton. Well, with Trump and Sessions, this will be no more.

Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions will uphold the Constitution and judge people across the board according to the evidence at hand, not according to their political power. I also think that if Sessions doesn’t agree with something that President Trump does, he will offer his educated opinion and then defer to the leader of his country.

This “Muslim ban,” as the liberals like to label it, is well within the president’s rights to implement. When Obama put a similar ban on people from Iraq, the people “understood.” When Bill Clinton called for our borders to be strengthened, people applauded him. When Trump does it, however, the liberals think he’s a racist.

Cruz added that such resistance to the ban is against the will of We the People. “There’s been much focused on the president’s executive order concerning refugees. I would note that the heart of that order is a commonsense step that the vast majority of Americans support…the heart of that order is a four month pause in refugee programs until effective vetting can be implemented,” Cruz added.

Cruz has made it very clear that he supports Trump’s pick for attorney general and supports his temporary ban on seven countries overseas. Everything Donald Trump does it is to benefit and protect the American people, and that’s why he was elected.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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