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WATCH – Ted Cruz Grabs the Mic at Gorsuch Hearing, Drops TRUTH BOMB On Hypocrite Dems

The longer the Democrats continue their antics, the sooner the people will notice and boot them out of office. Like many Americans, Ted Cruz is tired of the liberal whining.

Senator Ted Cruz took Democrats to task during Judge Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing: “A decade ago, Judge Gorsuch was confirmed by this committee for the Federal Court of Appeals by a voice vote. He was likewise confirmed by the entire United States Senate by a voice vote without a single Democrat speaking a word of opposition.”

He continues, “What has changed? … In the decade since, [Judge Gorsuch] has had an objectively exemplary record. By any measure, he has shown himself to be even more worthy of the bipartisan support he received back then.”

To answer Cruz’s rhetorical question, what has changed is that Trump was elected president. Democrats do not have any convictions — they only care about winning. It is not about Judge Gorsuch — it is about opposing everything and anything that Trump proposes.

The Democrats’ strategy is doomed to fail. They are not just opposing what President Trump wants; they are opposing what the American people want. And we are watching.

By the time the midterms roll around, Democrats are going to need to account for their actions. They want President Trump to fail, and by extension they want America fail. You simply cannot win an election with this strategy.

The Democrats are backed into a corner — opposing Trump will look bad, but it is better than the alternative for their careers. President Trump will make America great again if he is given the chance. His policies will be so successful that the Democrats will be unable to win an election for a long time.

They will also lose the backing of a politicized Supreme Court. The Democrat strategy relies on having judges who will rule in their favor and against the Constitution. For example, they never would have been able to shut down Trump’s travel ban if the judges were appointed to their positions based on their actual ability to administer the laws of our land without bias.

Judge Gorsuch is a step in the right direction as he is someone who is determined to judge whether a law is constitutional, not whether the law is what the Democrats want. Imagine that.

So, the Democrats object and obstruct, continually throwing their childish temper tantrums. It is their only chance to keep their stranglehold on this country. They will try to oppose Trump even on bipartisan issues and hope that We the People won’t notice. If they work with Trump, they will only prove themselves obsolete.

The establishment politicians had their time in the sun, and they dried up. They stole from taxpayers to pay off their cronies and enrich themselves. It is time to step aside and let President Trump bask in the glow of a prosperous America.

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