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WATCH – Tomi Lahren Just OBLITERATED Anti-Trump Rioters, 5.7 MILLION Are Watching!

Over a million people took part in the Women’s March against Donald Trump this past weekend, which has upset plenty of people, including Tomi Lahren.

In her “Final Thoughts” on The Blaze, she stated, “When they finally stopped crying, they decided to plan a march in Washington, D.C. For what reason? To show little girls around the country that they too can play the victim card. They too can have their greatest contribution to society be whining about the election.”

These women are marching against Donald Trump based on what the liberal media stated about him, not about the words that actually came out of his mouth or about the policies he has planned for the country.

Liberal women act all scandalized that Donald Trump had a hot mic moment where he said crude things, but what politician has not had a crude moment?

Bill Clinton, for one, has had dozens of them, yet he’s still held in high regard. Even Obama has said crude things, reciting parts of a book that included the word p***y in a public library. And don’t even get me started on the horrible things Hillary Clinton has said!

If I and many other women truly thought Donald Trump was a racist or a sexist, we would not have voted for him.

However, the liberals refuse to believe anything that isn’t sanctioned by CNN or other mainstream media. They say Trump is bad, so he must be—no more research required.

This march is also extremely misguided in leadership. Their aim is apparently to strengthen women’s rights to their bodies, yet one of this march’s leaders was Linda Sarsour, a huge supporter of Sharia Law, which she feels should be implemented in America. Under Sharia Law, women don’t have any right to their bodies.

Hillary Clinton, who scorned the women who claimed her husband sexually assaulted them, is not the first woman who comes to mind when I think of female empowerment. Hillary piggy-backed off her husband to gain power and notoriety—otherwise, she would’ve only been a lawyer nobody in the world today. I want to see a woman president make it on her own merit!

As well, Clinton accepts money from countries that not only abuse women but kill gays just for being who they are, yet somehow Donald Trump is the intolerant oppressor of the gay community? Hillary Clinton has flipflopped on her views regarding gay rights so many times, it’s hard to determine what she actually believes in.

The people who elected Donald Trump are getting a beating. Our liberal friends and neighbors are saying we ruined this country and set ourselves back 100 years. It’s not nice to hear such bloated accusations, but I will never apologize for voting for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump may not be a politician, but he’s honest and he cares about Americans — all of us!

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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