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WATCH – Tomi Lahren Loses It on Illegal Immigrants and THIS Video Went VIRAL

The “Day Without Immigrants” wasn’t exactly a success. Liberals thought they’d make us bow to their demands, but they couldn’t. Trust Tomi to point out exactly why they failed.

On Final Thoughts, Lahren nailed the problem down to one word, saying, “That word is ILLEGAL. So, if this is a day without illegal immigrants, I’m not complaining.”

Tomi Lahren just conducted an exorcism of the liberal mind.

Forget all of those thoughts about the “struggle” Americans would go through without illegal immigrants — Lahren just told every liberal that an America without illegals would be safer, more prosperous, and better for all.

When the liberals left the word “illegal” out of their protest’s name, I was just waiting for my legal immigrant friends to call me up and vent. You see, legal immigrants, the hardworking people who have respect for our laws and traditions, feel that the liberals are dragging their name through the mud.

They don’t want to be equated with those who break our laws and refuse to wait in line. They happily swore allegiance to our flag and would never disrespect it as so many liberals want them to. Further, it upsets them that those who broke the law to get here receive privileges above other Americans.

Illegal immigrants are not invested in this country but our legal immigrants are. We only want people in America if they want to contribute to the country — it’s that simple.

Besides, it would be better for everyone, illegals included, if they would just cross the border legally. Many people die crossing the border — or are sexually assaulted. Often, it is the vulnerable women and children who suffer the most.

However, when liberals paint every illegal immigrant as an innocent “dreamer,” they are promoting the deception of the American people. What about the drug dealers and rapists that are in this country? What about the businesses here that use illegals rather than hiring honest Americans because they work cheaper. Simply put, illegals, ANY illegal, does not belong in this country.

If our representatives want to kick them out in stages, with the most dangerous being booted first, that is fine, but get them all out!

A day without illegal immigrants would also be a day without the assaults, murders, and terrifying activity that routinely harms all those at the border — actual American citizens who live nearby included!

This is about border security, not racism. Donald Trump loves immigrants; in fact, he loves one immigrant in particular — his wife! To all legal immigrants, we patriots stand behind you. To the border jumpers, get out!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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