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WATCH – Tomi Lahren’s BLUNT Response to Obama’s ‘Farewell’ Is Incredible, 2.4 MILLION Watching!

Tomi Lahren, like many conservatives, is not too sad about Obama’s farewell address. In fact, she has a few words to say on it.

“It was the longest goodbye, longer than the goodbye speeches of Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George W. [Bush] combined, but what else did you expect from the Celebrity-In-Chief,” Lahren stated.

Not only was it the longest, but, like all of Obama’s speeches, he mostly talked about himself. Not that the liberal mainstream media noticed. They were too choked up over the speech to fact-check it or criticize it.

Obama has always been better at talking than acting. He has also always made promises to the American people that he never intended to keep.

Although Obama had a message of hope and change when he was elected and then reelected, there hasn’t been a whole lot of either these last eight years. When there was change, it was not for the better, leading to disappointment and dismal acceptance from We the People.

Obama has neutered our military, giving it outdated equipment and improper training. He crippled it during his time in office, and his decision led to more loss of life and disrespect of our military members. He also gave us Obamacare, the “affordable” health care that has broken the bank of many Americans.

We have a suffering economy. This is partly due to the refugees and illegal immigrants cramming in to take advantage of what they can, but it’s also due to Obama’s overwhelming regulations and burdensome taxes. And yet somehow Obama says he’s been a good president?

I don’t know what type of rose-tinted glasses the liberals have on, but they need to be taken off. Our country is facing some desperate issues, and we need the liberals to start acknowledging them!

Maybe if they did realize, they would criticize Obama for throwing money at Iran or his environmental policy that does nothing but harp on doomsday and waste money. If they knew how much it cost to fund welfare leeches and refugees, then I bet they would change their tune.

And they think building a wall is a waste of money? Americans have been wasting money for the past eight years, and the liberals haven’t even noticed! What about all the expensive vacations that Obama has taken to Hawaii? What about all the people we have to pay for who don’t even bother to look for a job? That, to me, is a waste of money—at least with the wall we get something out of it!

These final days of Obama’s administration seem to be dragging their feet. If I could, I would hit the fast-forward button because Obama has proven that yes, he can make things worse. I can’t wait for inauguration day, so that Obama won’t have the power to ruin the lives of the American people any longer.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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