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WATCH – Top Army Officer Unleashes HELL on Obama And Islam On Live TV. I Can’t Look Away!

The inaction by President Obama against radical Islamic terrorism has been upsetting to say the least, and this officer just gave a great response to it.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters went on Fox News to say, “Mr. President, we’re not afraid! We’re angry, we’re p***ed off, we’re furious! We want you to react, we want you to do something!”

The entire eight years Obama has been in the White House, he has refused to address radical Islamic terrorism for what it is. Instead, he preaches acceptance and asks for the American people to “not be afraid.”

Well, Peters is right. We’re not afraid. Instead, the American people are angry that we have a president who refuses to defend the people he swore to lead, protect, and defend.

Obama cares more about Muslim refugees and the things taking place in the Middle East than he has ever cared about America and the struggles happening within our borders. We come second to our president, and that is upsetting.

The disappointments of Obama began as soon as he took office, but he vowed to improve things when it came time for the reelection, and the people believed in him. And they never should have because the next four years brought about little change.

Instead, things have worsened in America under Obama’s leadership. We have more illegal immigrants in this country than ever before. As if that wasn’t a big enough drain on the taxpayer, Obama is also shoving in Muslim refugees from war-torn countries.

We have seen increases in crime, joblessness, and welfare, and we are trillions of dollars in debt. Our military has been neutered by Obama. They have insufficient man power and outdated equipment that get our military men and women killed.

For some reason, Obama has a bleeding heart for anyone but American citizens when he should be more focused on the home-front and what can be done to fix it. For our president, this is something that can keep simmering on the back burner.

However, as Peters said, it is time for action. It is time to fight for this country and make it a priority. That’s what the American people did when they elected Donald Trump because we were tired of having to accept the fact that terrorism is a growing, dangerous part of the world.

The American people were tired of being ignored by our president, tired of our tax dollars being used to pay for his vacations in Hawaii, to rebuild the Middle East, and to buy Iran off for kidnapping our citizens. We were tired of being used.

So, we elected someone who is going to correct all the wrong Obama has inflicted on the American people and this great nation. We elected someone who promised to fix taxes, bring back jobs, and save our communities. We elected a man who cares about us—to replace the Democrat who didn’t.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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