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WATCH – Trey Gowdy Eats Democrat Alive for Attacking Trump. This Video is Amazing.

While liberals continue to push Russia, tax returns, and anything else they can come up to attack Trump, they are ignoring a very real problem we have in our government, and Trey Gowdy just called them out for it.

Gowdy appeared on CNN over the weekend to criticize the Democrats’ partisan antics. “What I wish some of my friends on the other side would be a little more outraged about is the political use of that unmasking,” Gowdy told John Dickerson.

Gowdy is referring to the numerous leaks that have emerged since President Trump was first elected. Democrats are happy to ignore the actual crime of leaking classified information to the press in favor of focusing on pure speculation.

The congressman came out in defense of President Trump. He explains that the political use of unmasking is a felony, but he is also concerned about the implications this has for our national security.

The NSA and other agencies are constantly monitoring foreign actors in the pursuit of preserving national security. On occasion, private U.S. citizens are captured as part of the monitoring, but the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) stipulates staunch protections of their identities.

However, these protections have clearly been violated in the attempt to damage President Trump in this endless stream of attacks Democrats throw at our president.

The fact that officials are willing to play political games with sacred information forces us to question the entire validity of these programs. Can we trust the NSA to protect the identity of our citizens if leaks are a common occurrence?

Our founding fathers built an inherent distrust of government into the Constitution. The logic is that we need rules to prevent tyrants from seizing power. We cannot just pass laws that serve our interest today without considering the potential for abuse.

These principles received the ultimate test under the Obama administration. While the Constitution was able to protect us from some of Obama’s abuses of power, it proved to be inadequate in preventing the abuse of our spying apparatus. Holdovers from the Obama administration continue to abuse their offices to leak potentially damaging information.

The criminal actors need to be found and brought to justice. We need to ensure that stronger protections are put in place to prevent future abuse. These programs are essential, but they need to be kept in check.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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