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WATCH – Trey Gowdy SHUTS UP Pro-Illegal Congressman On Live TV, Shows NO MERCY

One of the things you quickly learn about liberals is that they love to hear themselves talk. When they are arguing, they will often even talk over others.

This is just an attempt to shut down the other person. Well, Trey Gowdy was having none of that when Congressman Hank Johnson arrogantly tried to intimidate a border patrol agent. Congressman Johnson was upset that Chairman Gowdy interrupted him once, but Gowdy threw it back in his face by saying it was Johnson’s fault for not letting the border guard answer the question!

Of course, this is a usual tactic for liberals. They try to browbeat people into submission whenever they don’t get their way.

They tried it the entire presidential election. In a nutshell, this exchange between Gowdy, Johnson, and the border guard is the perfect microcosm.

In this election, Democrats did not try to win the argument by playing fair. They did it by playing dirty.

They harassed those who supported Trump in a number of ways, including calling them a litany of names. If we admitted to supporting Trump or even just not being supportive of Hillary Clinton, we were called intolerant, Islamophobic, and racist.

The liberals think that if they silence dissent, then they “win” the argument. Actually, they just prove themselves to be insufferable, and both parties go on believing their original ideas anyway. No useful discussion or exchange of ideas has taken place.

The liberals were so successful at shutting down discussion that they actually thought Hillary would be, or could be, the next president. Instead, they had just created an echo-chamber wherein they couldn’t learn how other Americans felt and thought.

When Clinton lost, they resolved to do everything in their power to delegitimize Donald Trump’s election, but they did so using the same tactics that lost them the election in the first place.

They tried to delegitimize Trump on social media, which is funny because Trump has found huge success there. Have you ever wondered why there are so many liberal trolls on social media? Well, it’s pretty easy to shut you up there—they just block, delete, or unfollow you.

So, the fact that Congressman Johnson was trying to shut up a witness and officer of the law was no surprise to me. Liberals haven’t learned their lesson yet.

We need to put an end to this version of liberalism. We need to uphold our original virtues. The fight continues, my friends, even though Trump has been elected.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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