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WATCH – Trey Gowdy’s ‘Pin Drop’ Speech Is Going VIRAL

On November 8th, a brutal political season finally came to an end. Everyone was tired of the shameless, ceaseless TV and radio ads that were filled with insults and blaming, the likes of which we perhaps had never seen before. Whatever happened to real leadership?

On Friday, Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) reminded us of what inspirational leadership looks like. During an address he delivered to the students of Liberty University, Gowdy described the art of persuasion. “I can tell you what doesn’t work,” he said to an audience so still you could hear a pin drop. “Insulting people.”

Still reeling from such a harsh, undiplomatic national election process, the words were soothing to the listeners.

“You need to know how to persuade in life. How do you persuade?” he asked. “Facts. Authenticity. Sincerity. Credibility.”

Anyone who follows the daily accounts on Capitol Hill will tell you that Trey Gowdy is as much of a persuader as anyone. Routinely, he argues and debates in convincing fashion. Gowdy serves on the House Select Committee and has addressed the 2012 Benghazi attack, oversight, government reform, and also judiciary matters like immigration and border security.

Wait, what about the mud slinging? When does that come into play? According to Gowdy, you don’t need it. Gowdy said that while living and working in the nation’s capitol, adorned with memorials to great men and women at every turn, he draws his inspiration from the least known of all DC greats: Arland Williams.

Rather than quote Washington, Jefferson, or Lincoln, Gowdy cited the moments following the crash of a Florida Airlines jet into the icy Potomac River on January 13, 1982. The impact of the crash had killed all but six people including Arland Williams. Six people waited in the frigid waters for a helicopter to finally arrive.

When the lifeline was lowered, Williams grabbed hold of it. And instead of saving himself, one after the other, he loaded up the other passengers and saw them all to safety. Unfortunately, Williams succumbed to fatigue and was drowned before getting rescued himself.

These are the kind of people we need to be, Gowdy challenged. People who love our neighbors. And by neighbors, Gowdy points out, he means strangers. Not just family members and friends.

Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency fell apart for these very reasons, did it not? A lack of facts, authenticity, sincerity, and credibility. However, so far, it appears President-Elect Trump is walking upright and with integrity.

Let’s hope Gowdy’s message rings loudly and effectively, and not just with the students at Liberty but for all Americans. Time for a return to true American values.

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Source: Angry Patriot Movement

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