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WATCH: Trump Goes to Church on Christmas, The Room’s Reaction is AMAZING

Like millions of other Americans on Christmas Eve, the Trumps attended the Christmas Eve service. Only, I don’t think we got the same reaction as the President-elect.

When Donald and Melania walked into Bethseda-by-the-Sea, the congregation rose and gave them a standing ovation…

So much for people being disgusted and alarmed by Trump taking over as President!

While Obama has always claimed to be a Christian, I think we can all agree he leans a bit more towards his Muslim buddies than he does Christian values.

That being said, it is pretty refreshing to see a “president” once again attending services with the people of this country and sharing their values and traditions, rather than walking a golf course on Christmas.

There has been a lot of misrepresentation and misinformation about the Trumps during this election, and images such as this will go a long way to begin to put those rumors where they belong, in the trash.

Yes, Trump is rich, but he is about as close to the “everyday” American as any president in decades.

He was not a career politician, but a businessman that had to fight for every dollar he made. While he did not have a boss to answer to, per se, he does have employees and investors. Meaning, he has to deliver results or risk losing his business.

I have a small business, so I know that pressure. Obviously, my company is not anything close to what the Trump family looks over, but I get the everyday pressures and the need to deliver results day in and day out or risk losing everything.

Trump is going to take those values, the same values many of us share, into the White House. He does not have the history of Obama or Bush or Clinton. No, he has never held office and does not have one ounce of the poison that rules crooked Washington in his veins.

One of “us” is finally taking over the White House to actually represent the people instead of trying to rule the people. After decades of being ignored, we are finally going to have a voice in deciding the direction of this country.

Merry Christmas Mr. Trump. Merry Christmas my fellow patriots!

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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