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WATCH – Trump REFUSED to Continue With His Inauguration Before He Did THIS

If you wanted another indication that Trump is determined to do the right thing by our nation, here it is.

Trump would not continue with his inauguration before he paid tribute at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 

Is it any wonder that Trump has received such strong support from our military members and veterans? The man and his vice president-elect know that those who make the ultimate sacrifice, and those prepared to make it, deserve to be honored.

More than that, he knows they deserve to be appreciated! While Barack Obama has let the Department of Veteran Affairs fall into disarray and fail our veterans, no such problems will happen under President Trump.

Yes, it will take some time to clean up Obama’s mess, and Trump is too late to help those veterans who have already died because of their lack of sufficient health care. However, Trump will have the back of all military members once he is sworn into office.

He has also demonstrated by action that it is not acceptable to snub and disrespect those who would lay down their lives for our freedom. Just look at Trump’s actions surrounding a closely related issue — the police. Our domestic defenders have had their good name dragged through the mud by Black Lives Matter and those who agree with them.

Are there some bad eggs? Yes, I don’t think anyone, including Trump, would deny that. However, the vast majority serve with as much dedication as our military members. All too often they leave their families behind, never to return, for our safety, just as many in the armed forces do.

Donald Trump has just shown exactly how a president-elect should behave before his inauguration — with deep respect for those who defend and protect our country and our freedoms.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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