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WATCH: Trump Torches Democrats For Calling Border Wall ‘Immoral’

President Donald Trump slammed Democrats at the White House on Wednesday for calling the border wall “immoral,” noting that other countries and the Vatican have walls that all work.

“Well, then you got to do something about the Vatican, because the Vatican has the biggest wall of them all,” Trump said. “The wall is immoral? Look at all of the countries that have walls, and they work 100%. It’s never going to change.”


Trump’s comments came as Democrats refused to give an inch on providing funding for the border wall during a meeting at the White House. The two sides are scheduled to meet again on Friday. Fox News reports:

In one big change, the new Congress convenes Thursday with Democrats taking majority control of the House, and Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said outside the White House that there would be rapid passage of legislation to re-open the government — without funds for the border wall. But the White House has rejected that package, and Trump said ahead of the session with the congressional leaders that the partial shutdown will last “as long as it takes” to get the funding he wants.

“We spend in Afghanistan more in one month than what we’re talking about for the wall,” Trump added. “The $5.6 billion is such a small number, literally, it’s one month in Afghanistan, and we’re talking about national security. This isn’t just a border, this is national security.”


“Important meeting today on Border Security with Republican and Democrat Leaders in Congress,” Trump tweeted after the meeting. “Both parties must work together to pass a Funding Bill that protects this Nation and its people – this is the first and most important duty of government.”

“I remain ready and willing to work with Democrats to pass a bill that secures our borders, supports the agents and officers on the ground, and keeps America Safe,” Trump continued. “Let’s get it done!”

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