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WATCH – Trump’s Press Secretary LOSES IT, Rips The Heads Off Of LYING Journalists On National TV

The Trump administration has had enough of the mainstream media, and Trump’s press secretary just put them in their place.

“There is a constant theme to undercut the enormous support that he has,” Sean Spicer stated on during the daily press conference.

He’s right — throughout the whole campaign, the media discredited and refused to believe people could support Donald Trump.

But somehow, he made it through the primaries against both the Republicans and the Democrats. Then, he faced off with Hillary Clinton, and they still did not believe he could win.

The mainstream media reported that Hillary Clinton had it in the bag, that she was guaranteed to be the next president of the United States. Magazines printed it off, and sites were getting ready to have the first woman as president, but it didn’t happen.

Donald Trump was elected as the incoming president, and the liberals fought him once again. They said that even though he won fair and square, despite the Democrats’ illicit actions in the election, he could not be the president. So, they organized a recount.

They threatened, they stomped their feet, they tried to discredit him, and they tried to ruin him, yet here he is — the 45th President of the United States. The media, however, refuse to give him a break and refuse to give him credit for anything that he’s done.

He brought 1,000 jobs back within the first days of becoming the president-elect, but what did the liberals do? They shrugged and said Obama brought back thousands of jobs, but he only managed to do it over the span of eight years. Trump brought 1,000 within the first few days of winning the presidency.

The mainstream media continue to speak out against him, labeling him a villain even though he’s our president. Our media should not be discrediting him this way. It only encourages the liberals to do the same thing. He has been elected and that deserves respect!

For once, I would like to see the media actually report the truth and give our new president a fighting chance before trying to get everyone in the country against him.

Finally, Spicer has put the media in their place and rubbed their noses in the fact that they refuse to give Donald Trump credit for anything he’s done. Hopefully, this wake-up call will change the media. Donald Trump could bring great things to this nation, and the media and the liberals need to let him.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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