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WATCH – Tucker Carlson Exposes Massive Islamic Plot Against Our Children – Please Pray!

Does separation of church and state only apply when the touted faith is Christianity? Apparently, liberal elitists clinging to their politically correct views think so.

Middle school parents in Chatham, New Jersey are livid, and they have every right to be. They send their children off to school each day expecting a quality education and NOT Islamic indoctrination. A recent 7th grade social studies assignment teaching the pillars of Islam was not a detached lesson about world religions but instruction on how to become a good Muslim.

There is “no God but Allah,” or so the New Jersey school children were told in the lesson. Why are the atheists not raising hell over this? After all, they flip out about ANY expression of Christian faith in public schools.

Parents Libby Hilsenrath and Nancy Gayer went on Tucker Carlson Tonight to tell the world about what was happening at their children’s public school. They were allowed a few moments to speak at a school board meeting, but they were not granted their right to discuss the serious matter of religious indoctrination with the district superintendent in private.

The two concerned moms who spoke at the school board meeting were publicly ridiculed for voicing their valid concerns. Hilsenrath said her views on the inappropriate public school assignment were compared to the beliefs held by the KKK. The women were also called racists and xenophobes.

The liberal bias at the New Jersey school is readily apparent. Apparently, it is a-okay to teach the children “Mohammad is the messenger,” but it is justifiable to force a child to shut off a PowerPoint presentation after the student took three seconds to share a comment about his own views on the Christian faith, Tapinto reports.

Nancy Gayer’s son was accused of “proselytizing” and had to turn off his PowerPoint presentation. Even students in a school setting still have rights to free speech — there are limits imposed due to age, but their rights are not stripped from them at the school gate.

A logical person, one not determined to force a partisan agenda on a captive audience, would not think a brief comment about personal views is proselytizing or a violation of the separation of church and state mandate. An adult telling students who God is and who is his messenger? Now, that’s proselytizing!

The Chatham school district policy 2270 states no religious beliefs can be disparaged or promoted on the campus. Keeping in line with the board approved policy, Gayer and other parents who are equally upset about the assignment want teachings about not just Islam but any religion eliminated from the curriculum.

In a class about world religions, why are Judaism and Christianity not taught as well? The social studies teacher showed a video of a cartoon Muslim character seeking converts in his community. The rosy view of Islam was all the children were exposed to. The girls in the class surely would have wanted to know how their lives would be impacted if they accepted the invitation to convert to Islam.

It is doubtful any of the girls would have wanted to lose their right to free speech, the freedom to move about without being escorted by a man, and the ability to say “no” to a man’s advances and report it without fear of public lashings.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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