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WATCH – Tucker Carlson Leaves Millennial Hyperventilating After She Tries Comparing Trump to Hitler…

There is no question that Tucker Carlson’s new show on Fox News has been a hit with conservatives. It’s because he is very tough, and one millennial who came on his show found that out the hard way when she compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

“Comparing someone to Hitler is not an invitation to discuss—it’s an end to the discussion,” Carlson said in response to Erin Schrode’s tweet discussing how both Trump and Hitler have been classified as Time Magazine’s Man of the Year. The “debate” went downhill from there.

Schrode called many of Donald Trump’s cabinet appointments “ghastly” including the nomination of Scott Pruitt to head the EPA. Pruitt once wrote that the evidence for man-made global warming was “far from settled.”

Naturally, those three little words have earned him the ire of everyone on the left including Ms. Schrode. She is also upset that Pruitt has sued the EPA over some of its regulations (despite being one 28 attorneys general to do so in one lawsuit).

But insofar as the EPA goes, let’s call a spade a spade. Just because someone sues this bloated government agency doesn’t mean they are anti-environment. It means they are fed up with the immense amount of job-killing measures the EPA shells on a continual basis.

Although we know what motivated Schrode to compare Trump to Hitler, it doesn’t cover up the fact that like many other liberals, she has engaged in a logical fallacy. “Reductio ad Hitlerum” is the attempt to invalidate someone’s position by comparing their policies to Hitler, without any basis for it.

It is also an attempt to show guilt by association, and it is meant to invalidate someone else’s position to the point where they get thoroughly disgusted or angry and quit the argument. It does have a tendency to backfire at times, however.

First of all, it is a classic example of Godwin’s Law: “As a debate discussion goes on, sooner or later someone will make a comparison to Hitler.” Once that happens, it’s clear the person who made the comparison is desperate and has lost.

There is no question that Donald Trump has been the subject of a lot of heated debate. His blunt style has invited a lot of support from people who are frustrated with the immensely politically correct culture we live in. Those who prefer political correctness, however, are upset about Trump’s honesty.

Why do liberals feel that a comparison to Hitler is warranted when it comes to Donald Trump? Is it because of his desire to build a wall? That isn’t racist—it’s just facilitating the proper implementation of the law. Is it because he wants to crack down on radical Islamic terrorism? That doesn’t mean he is a bigot—it just means he wants to keep the country he loves safe.

Is it because of his strong desire to put America first? That doesn’t make him a fascist—it just makes him a true patriot and someone who literally millions of people agree with. Apart from out-of-touch California liberals like Erin Schrode, there is a large number of people who agree with Trump’s positions. Pretending that he’s Hitler isn’t scaring anyone.

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Source: Angry Patriot Movement

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