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WATCH – Usually Quiet Senator Finally LOSES IT In U.S. Senate, OBLITERATES Nasty Trump-Haters

Liberal stalling tactics and partisan antics pushed a typically quiet senator to unleash a rant of epic proportion on Congress, taking Democrats completely aback.

“I’m very disappointed in this type of crap,” Utah Senator Orrin Hatch said upon reaching a point of exasperation with the Senate. Hatch chairs the Senate Finance Committee.

Senator Orrin Hatch has long been known as a mild-mannered and even genteel lawmaker. That all ended this week when the petulant child type behavior by Democrats in the Senate became more than he could take.

“Some of this is because they just don’t like the president,” Senator Hatch added. “This is the most pathetic thing I’ve seen in my whole time in the United States Senate.”

The sharp tone and chastising rant might not have had any impact at all if it had come from the likes of Ted Cruz or any number of outspoken senators, but the bold attack by none other than Orrin Hatch made everyone, including liberals and the mainstream media, stand up and take notice.

Senator Hatch’s verbal eruption was driven by liberals boycotting the confirmation vote for two Trump cabinet nominees. The partisan delays impacted both Department of Health and Human Services nominee Tom Price and Treasury Department nominee Steve Mnuchin.

“We have great concern that Chairman Hatch is asking us to vote today on two nominees who out-and-out lied to our committee,” Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown said. Brown also indicated both Price and Mnuchin were not fit to serve.

There goes ole’ Sherrod again, putting party before country and his constituents. Ohio voters voted overwhelmingly in support of Donald Trump.

As the senator for my state, Brown is supposed to be OUR voice and not a mouthpiece for his party and their liberal agenda. Sherrod Brown may have FINALLY sealed his fate and will soon no longer be showing up in my county for a few hours twice a year to pretend he has any clue about issues facing rural Ohioans – or actually even cares.

Liberals claim Price and Mnuchin might have close links to various businesses. They also argue the two Trump nominees might have mixed politics with their personal portfolio.

All of a sudden liberals are concerned about possible conflicts of interest. They mocked valid concerns voiced about Hillary Clinton’s connection to Wall Street, lobbying groups, and foreign donors from countries harboring terrorists while she was running against Donald Trump.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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