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WATCH: The View Asks Tim Tebow About His “Miracle.” Gives EPIC Response.

The Progressives on the The View are probably not used to many guests like Tim Tebow.

Yesterday on the show the liberal ladies on the ABC chat show asked Tim Tebow about a much-televised incident involving a fan who became ill while waiting to meet the former Heisman trophy winner who is now a minor league baseball player.

“Your faith is very important to you,” commented View host Sunny Hostin. “I want to ask you about a post-game video that has gone viral. You stopped to comfort and pray over a fan who had a seizure. Some witnesses called your prayer a ‘miracle.’ Can you take us back through that moment and what happened?”

Tebow, a devout Christian who is well known for his faith as he is for his athletic accomplishments, responded in a way that quickly reminded the audience why he is such a beloved figure among people of faith:

That was right after my first game in the Arizona fall league and I was signing autographs and there were a couple hundred people down the line. And I just passed Brandon and then I looked back and I saw him starting to go to the ground and starting to go into a seizure. And then he went unconscious.

So, it was honestly a little bit frustrating. Because when it started to happen, there were so many people, the first thing they wanted to do was grab their phone and put this on Instagram. It’s like, in a moment of need, when somebody’s hurting, let’s not try to get more followers, let’s try to help somebody.

And for me I didn’t want to do it for the cameras. That’s why I put my hand on his thigh and just started to pray. And about 10 seconds later he woke up. And then we had 20 minutes of talking.
We didn’t always get along cause he’s a Georgia Bulldog fan so I had to give him a hard time about that.

But he’s doing really well and I stay in touch with him.

Later, in response to Hostin’s mentioning that some called his laying his hands on “a miracle,” Tebow added:
I don’t think it had anything to do with me. God has a bigger plan for everybody, and God’s in control. I’m not in control of anything.

His entire video can be seen here:

The reaction of the hosts and the audience was generally positive to Tebow’s remark.

Not bad for a guy introduced as “one of the most controversial … athletes in professional sports.”

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