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WATCH – Viral Video CONFIRMS Democrats Rigged Elections With ILLEGAL Voters, It’s Massive

Maybe there’s a reason the mainstream media is calling Trump’s concerns over illegal voting ridiculous?

It turns out that Trump used a more conservative number than the Washington Post‘s own statistics on how many illegal immigrants were likely to vote. The Washington Post once published that illegal voting is happening and likely to benefit the Democrats.

You just can’t make this stuff up, folks.

The Washington Post‘s article from 2014 said that their “best guess” is that “6.4 percent of non-citizens voted in 2008.” What changed between then and 2017, when the Washington Post said that Trump’s estimation of 3.6 percent “just doesn’t make sense” because then the scale of the problem would be too huge to be believable?

Guess what, I think the scale of our illegal voting problem just might be huge! It almost sounds like the Washington Post from 2014 might be pleased that an investigation was called into this massive problem they seemed concerned about.

But, a mainstream media outlet just can’t be seen supporting one of Trump’s decisions, no matter how much they secretly are concerned about the issue he’s raising.

Here’s one part of the Washington Post’s article that the patriot in the video didn’t mention, but which deserves a little attention, “[Trump] wants the perception of voter fraud to cast doubt on his popular vote loss. But he doesn’t want the parts where he has to actually investigate it (which could prove his claim was complete nonsense) or to actually call into question his electoral college win.”

A few things on that, first, Trump has called for an investigation at this point in time, as their own article had to be updated to acknowledge! It seems like he wasn’t afraid of being wrong– but just wants to get down to the facts of the matter.

Also, when will the mainstream media stop flogging that dead horse, the so-called “popular vote.” Losing the popular vote doesn’t make you less legitimate as a president. This is not the concern here.

The concern is that the illegal vote could sway elections, a concern that the Washington Post appears to raise in their old article. The title was “Could non-citizens decide the November election?” for crying out loud. They know its happening. They know it could be a problem.

Don’t let Liberals argue with you that illegal voting “just isn’t happening.” Send them their own precious Washington Post’s article admitting it is, so we can start to actually address the problem!

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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