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Watch: VP Pence Recalls the Touching Letter George H.W. Bush Sent His Pilot Son

On Monday, servicemembers laid former President George H.W. Bush to rest at the United States Capitol where a long list of high-ranking officials paid their respects.

Both Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Paul Ryan gave touching eulogies to the former president as his two sons — Jeb and George — sat nearby with their wives.

Pence recalled a particular incident that seemed to impact him profoundly. After his son served on the battleship with the former president’s namesake, he requested an autographed photo of the ship’s flight deck.

Although Bush was no longer doing autographs at the time, Pence said that Bush returned the favor and included a touching letter for his son.

Watch Pence’s comments below:

The hand-signed letter came just as his son Michael received his wings of gold as an aviator.

“Little to my surprise, just in time for my son’s winging, there came not only a signed photograph but, of course, a letter hand-signed as well, August 2018,” Pence explained.

“In that letter, President Bush wrote to my son in his words ‘Congratulations on receiving your wings of gold. I know how proud you and your family are at this moment,’” Pence recounted.

Pence went on to mention how Bush used a particular acronym which indicated the former president wrote the letter himself.

“I wish you many CAVU days ahead,” Bush said. Pence said that he later learned the acronym was a term navy pilots used since WWII.

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