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WATCH: After Years of Hiding, THIS Video of Chuck Schumer Should End His Career

Once again, Democrats are proving they are truly this nation’s most hypocritical representatives, especially the ones who worked for and with former President Obama.

In 2013, under Obama, Schumer was adamant about his opposition against obstructionism and claimed that the president, from any party, deserves to have their pick of who should be the heads of federal agencies. Now? Schumer is singing a different tune for President Trump, via The Daily Caller.

This is proof that the Democrats are merely opposing Trump just because they wanted another Democrat in the White House instead of a Republican. They continue to criticize Trump and his administration for every person he nominates and every measure he tries to pass.

Schumer and other Democrats are criticizing Trump and the Republicans for their “overuse” of the filibuster, but they themselves used the nuclear option to help confirm nominees chosen by Obama.

Schumer, in a classic show of the liberal mentality, seems opposed to all the beliefs he held in 2013. He is strongly opposed to the nuclear option being used by the Republicans because, apparently, it’s only fair for the liberals to get their way.

The only reason Republicans would use this option is because the Democrats are so strongly opposed to Neil Gorsuch being confirmed to the Supreme Court — not because he wouldn’t be a good person for the position but because he won’t fold to the left’s corruption.

Schumer has called for the Democrats to filibuster Gorsuch’s nomination, just for the heck of it, making Gorsuch unable to be confirmed into the position. For it to go through, eight Democrats need to defect from Schumer, which is doubtful to happen.

The argument that this was several years ago and that “people change” is not substantial. In October, when Schumer was asked about a nuclear option being used to oppose a Hillary Clinton nominee if she was elected, he stated, “I hope we won’t get to that. And I’ll leave it at that.”

This proves Schumer and the rest of the Democrats are huge hypocrites and only want things done their way — that’s not how a successful government is supposed to run. This is not a dictatorship or a socialist regime — the liberals can’t get their way 24/7.

Our government is about balancing the power of the people dictating which party will be stronger and which will be weaker. This time, it is the Republicans with the majority, and the liberals can hardly stand it, but We the People elected these representatives for a reason whether liberals like it or not.

The Democrats have done nothing good for this country, yet they wonder why they are not in the White House. Because of their heinous actions and hypocritical nature, they have truly opened the eyes of the American people. They’ve shown us who they TRULY are. Drain the swamp!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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