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Watters Slams Colin Kaepernick: Dolphins Not ‘Anti-Black,’ They are ‘Anti-Idiot’

Anti-American protester and perhaps now former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick is still sitting on the sidelines without a team in the NFL. Naturally, everyone who supports Kaepernick is throwing the race card over the player’s continued unemployment. But Fox News host Jesse Watters has another idea: Kap is just an idiot.

Watters joined “The Five” and the topic of former Chicago Bear Jay Cutler being signed by the Miami Dolphins to replace injured starter Ryan Tannehill came up. Naturally, the question arose as to why the Dolphins avoided the out of work Colin Kaepernick.

Watters defended the Dolphins, saying they are not “anti-black” for not signing Kaepernick, who wore a Fidel Castro shirt and praised the deceased dictator the week leading up to playing in Miami in 2016, but rather “anti-idiot.” Dolphins fans booed the quarterback when he took the field.

“This guy lacks respect and he’s bad for team chemistry and he’s bad for the franchise,” Watters stated. “These franchises are billion dollar businesses. You don’t want somebody representing your business that’s not going to ingratiate yourself to the fan base.”

Watters is right to note that teams just see no reason to bring Kaepernick’s sort of anti-American circus into their locker room.

But the whole argument may be quite different than it seems on the surface.

This week we also learned through Daily Caller that Kaepernick has already turned down at least one team offer so that he can keep using his status as a well-known race hustler as a bargaining tool.

Kaepernick allegedly doesn’t want to make “backup money” and specifically instructed his representative team not to sign one contract offered at the league’s minimum rate of $900,000 per year for a seventh-year player.

“Colin thinks he’s fighting a much higher battle than he is,” the inside NFL source told DC. “He views himself as a race messiah.”

Kap also fired his sports agent and is now taking advice from his Muslim girlfriend Nessa Diab.

But, if he is still claiming he has not even been given an offer by the NFL, it appears he isn’t really telling the truth.

If the Daily Caller source is right that Kaepernick turned down at least one offer just so he can continue to use his status as a race protester to bargain for more money, that would certainly make a mockery of his claims that he is being discriminated against. It would make him less the put upon and aggrieved black NFL player standing up for racial justice, and more of a calculating and arrogant agitator using his status for personal gain.

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