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‘We Don’t Abstain’: Nikki Haley Slams Obama Administration for Weak Presence at the UN

Ambassador Nikki Haley may be leaving her post at the United Nations, but that doesn’t mean she forgot to take a victory lap by comparing her decisions to that of the Obama administration.

As IJR previously reported, Haley announced in October that she would be stepping down as ambassador to the U.N. after serving there for nearly two years.

While Haley was at the U.N., she faced many battles in her effort to support President Donald Trump’s foreign policy. During her short run at the U.N., the Trump administration moved the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, exited the Iran Deal and the Paris climate accords, and made several negotiations with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un — all of which, Haley had to answer for at the U.N.

Haley told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that her job wasn’t easy, but, unlike the Obama administration, her team never abstained from defending America’s role in the world.


“America has found her voice back again. It is a good time for America in the world. Now for some countries, that’s a good thing and for some countries, that’s a bad thing. For Americans, that’s a great thing because I think what we’ve basically seen is that it was time for us to start talking about what we believed in and what we didn’t.

When I came in, they had just had a Cuban-sponsored resolution that was anti-American, that basically blamed America for everything. And the United States abstained on that vote. I came in after they did the anti-Israel bias, and instead of standing up for our friends in Israel, we had again abstained on our vote. This is a new day and a new time where we don’t abstain. You know exactly where the United States stands. You know what we’re for. You know what we’re against. And you know where we’re going.”

Haley said that the Trump administration has brought “moral clarity” back for the U.S.

Although Haley is leaving the U.N., it wasn’t because of her relationship with President Trump. She claimed the two had a “great relationship,” adding “his strong point really is communicating to leaders around the world.”

President Trump has dubbed Heather Nauert to replace Haley. The Senate will begin her confirmation process in the new year.

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