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After a Week Alone With the Obamas, Tom Hanks Couldn’t Keep Silent Any Longer

Tom Hanks is a legend in Hollywood. It doesn’t matter who you are, you have seen one of his films. Hanks surprisingly came out and told everyone about his vacation with former President Obama. In the words of Hanks, he got ‘screwed.’

The trip consisted of Tom Hanks, the Obamas, Bruce Springsteen, and Oprah. What a combination. He described a horrible biking trip, awkward conversations with Obama, and displayed a clear sign that he was uncomfortable there, even if he was being humorous about it now. 

In particular, Hanks recalled landing on a French Polynesian island for a bike ride with the Obamas and Oprah. He said that when they got their bikes, there was a BIG problem.

“An array of bikes have been procured for us, rented from all corners of Polynesia and Tahiti, Bora Bora,” said Hanks. He then said that everyone got on their bikes — including the Secret Service — and left Hanks in the dust. It only got worse when he looked down and realized what he was left with.

He called it an “undersized girls’ bike (with only) one gear.” Furthermore, he said it was coated in rust and would have been difficult to even deliver newspapers with this bike.

Hanks also described times he would talk to Obama about political policies and things of that nature. He recalled that Obama would interrupt him and tell him that what he was asking is “classified” about three times a day.

We have to wonder why Hanks was treated this way on the trip. One thing that we do know is that they have a specific reason for meeting up with these very powerful and rich people. Obama was trying to sell the idea of Trump being a bad president to the group.

We know that this happened because Obama encouraged Bruce Springsteen to write an anti-Trump song. Bruce did it, and then released it not long after their trip. Obviously, there were conversations taking place behind the scenes that we don’t know about.

There are people that know more than they are saying regarding this trip. We are happy to see that Hanks came forward. It would be interesting to see what would happen if Oprah came forward and told us more about the trip. Obama tried to make it his mission to stop Trump. There was a CLEAR and BLATANT attempt to try to throw the election one way.

The Left has had NO PROBLEM trying to blame Russia, white men, and email leaks for throwing the election one way with no evidence. Here we have a clear instance where the Left tried to manipulate people, which could have messed up the whole election.

Luckily, the PATRIOTS here spoke up, and President Trump is now here. We are sorry that Hanks had to go through that horrid experience. His trip gave us some much needed insight into what is going on behind the scenes and what they DON’T want us to know.

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