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Welfare Brat ‘Refugees’ Get RUDE Awakening From Trump Admin

Trump has been moving a lot of pieces lately to ensure the American people are the main priority, and these migrants are about to get a rude awakening in Trump’s America!

Trump is revising a draft on an executive order which, if signed, will strengthen visa restrictions, forcing immigrants to get jobs and pay taxes, according to a report by The Washington Post.

To cut down on the social services burden taxpayers are dealing with, Trump’s order may deport immigrants who have refused to work for the past five years if they were actually physically able to work and were just taking advantage of the system.

It’s time for the American taxpayers to stop sacrificing so much for the benefit of others, especially for immigrants who refuse to contribute to this country.

Donald Trump has already signed an executive order banning people from seven countries until a more extreme vetting system can be placed into our immigration protocols, because too many times dangerous people slip in with the refugees and immigrants.

If this executive order is approved, it will prevent migrants from breaking our laws. It will also prevent those who are not in “the national interest” to receive benefits on our taxpayers’ dollars. This includes Muslim polygamists who seek to cover the cost of countless children and multiple wives.

Under our food stamps programs, these people are able to get free food for every single member of their household, meaning that every wife and child is provided with benefits even though America does not recognize polygamy as lawful union.

On average, immigrant households get $6,234 a year in welfare. This is 41 percent more than Americans receive from the same system! Half of the immigrants in this country are on welfare while 30 percent of Americans are. Yes, that’s too many Americans on welfare too, but I’d much rather support our own people than immigrants!

Many illegal immigrants are also taking advantage of this system. Our social security is, by no means, supposed to sustain a person. You are not supposed to be a stay-at-home mom receiving welfare. It’s supposed to give a bit of an aide if you don’t make enough in your job to support yourself. And that’s it.

The order is still being held under revision, but once it is completed, it should be implemented as soon as possible. The dream of our tax dollars not being abused is finally being realized; this money will go to things that are important rather than buying people things they refuse to pay for themselves.

I feel relieved that Donald Trump is focusing on this measure next. It is not the responsibility of taxpayers to pay the way for others, especially if they are illegal and intentionally using our nation.

This will also crack down on Americans who take advantage of the system. It’s time to get a job, people! Unlike Obama, Donald Trump will not ignore your blatant disregard for the rules!

H/T: Angrypatriotmovement

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