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WH Adviser on Border Crisis: Democrats Fight for Illegal Immigrants, Trump Fights for Americans

While appearing on Fox News on Thursday, White House adviser Stephen Miller offered a clear distinction between the priorities of Congressional Democrats and those of President Donald Trump.

His comments came amid a migrant crisis which Trump sought to address through heightened border security, making clear that he would stand strong on funding for a border wall.

Democrats have resisted his funding requests, however, creating conditions for a likely government shutdown at the end of the month.

“This stand that we’re taking right now with the entire nation watching, and frankly with the whole world watching, is a stand that we think we’re going to win,” Miller told Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

Watch his comments below:

In describing the budget battle, Miller argued that Trump and the Democrats were fighting for two very different constituencies.

“The Democrats are fighting for illegal aliens. Donald Trump is fighting for American citizens,” he said. Miller went on to say that the fight was about things like sovereignty, safe communities, living conditions, and wages.

Miller’s appearance came as part of a broader push by the administration to challenge Democrats’ reluctance to fund the wall.

Both Miller and White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders specifically pointed out how Democrats like Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) supported wall funding before opposing it.

“They voted for it 2006, they voted for wall funding and now they have changed their minds,” Sanders said.

“Democrats have got to decide if they love our country more than they hate this president and so far we have seen no indication that there are willing to do that.”

In a video posted on Thursday, President Donald Trump made a similar argument and showed Democratic leaders like Hillary Clinton calling for additional border security.

Watch below:

Whatever it takes to get border security, I will do it,” Trump said.

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