Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice was scheduled to testify before a House Committee investigating the Obama administration’s practice of “unmasking” senior Trump associates, but has decided to skip the hearings entirely.

The senior Obama official was expected to take questions on Tuesday from Congressional lawmakers over her role in the administration’s surveillance, and possibly illegal unmasking, of senior Trump campaign officials before the President’s inauguration.

According to Fox News, Rice was set to testify before a closed-door hearing with the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, but the proceedings have been postponed indefinitely.

The GOP-led committee has been eagerly awaiting Rice’s testimony.

The former National Security Adviser came under fire earlier this year, after allegations surfaced that she intentionally requested surveillance of Trump associates and other GOP officials, and then revealed their identities to the intelligence community.

The “unmasking” eventually led to the removal of President Trump’s National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Rice has routinely claimed she acted within the boundaries of the law, saying she “knew nothing” of illegal surveillance, adding, “I leaked nothing to nobody.”