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White House Cleaners Also Happy To See Obama’s Go!

It won’t just be the majority of Americans outside of Washington D.C who will be glad to see the Obama’s leave the White House.

In a startling development, we understand that White House cleaning staff will also be looking forward to seeing the back of the Obama Family. White House cleaning manager, Maria Hernandez has revealed that most of her staff will be so relieved they are going, “it was really hard on myself and my team. Mr President used to leave rubbish everywhere – old newspapers, M&M wrappers, you name it”.

It’s understood that shortly after the Trump election victory, a number of White House cleaning staff took the following afternoon off for a celebratory drink at local cocktail bar ‘off the record’. It was here that they finally realized 8 years of extremely hard cleaning would subside.

“It was terrible” said Antonia Juan-Fernando, “Mr Obama used to love cookies and the crumbs he would leave, aye yai yai”. An optimistic Juan-Fernando believes that not only will Trump, ‘Make America Great Again’, but that he will also know how to do some basic cleaning.

The Obama administration is yet to comment. Generally White House head of staff do not comment on such matters.

Source: Ultimateflashnews

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