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WHOA: Obama Drops AWESOME News On Russian Election Tampering…This Will Make You CHEER!

In a desperate attempt to blame Hillary’s loss to Donald Trump on anything other than Hillary, Democrats, and Mr. Obama in particular, have accused Russia of tampering with the election. Recall that Mr. Trump expressed a desire to get along with Mr. Putin as opposed to treating him as an enemy, and Mr. Putin made a couple of remarks that were complimentary of Donald Trump.

It’s quite a stretch to take the exchange of these friendly remarks as justifying a full-blown investigation of election tampering, but that is exactly what Mr. Obama has done. Hillary could not have lost in a fair election, these people suppose, so there must have been some tampering somewhere.

Trump’s desire to be on good terms with Russia, something that eluded Mr. Obama, is a convenient place for Democrats to begin their search for the reason for Hillary’s defeat.

So we are not surprised to learn from Red State that, “A top White House official announced this morning that President Obama has ordered a ‘full review’ of claims of election-related hacking, and wants a report before he leaves office Jan. 20.”

This is good news, because it shows how deeply lost the liberals truly are. And when you’re that lost, there’s no finding your way back. This effort does have some bi-partisan support, although from a source that is really no surprise due to his unwillingness to support Mr. Trump in the campaign.  We’re speaking here of Senator John McCain, someone who is no friend to Mr. Trump or to real conservatives, for that matter.

In fact, Mr. McCain is using his position in the Senate to order a probe of alleged Russian hacking: “Senate Armed Forces Committee Chairman John McCain (R-AZ) is preparing an investigation into alleged Russian hacking affecting election activity and cyberthreats to the U.S. military. He said he’ll be ‘working closely’ with Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), Chairman of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, on the matter.”

It doesn’t matter that election tampering of the sort being investigated cannot be done.  And this opinion is coming, not from a politician, but from Nicholas Weaver, a computer scientist who is also a cybersecurity expert at Berkeley.  Says Mr. Weaver, “Nobody is going to be able to change the outcome of the presidential vote by hacking voting machines. The system is too distributed, too decentralized, too many implementations for any individual actor or group to make substantial change.”

So what we have here is a witch-hunt.  Hillary lost the election because she was a deeply flawed candidate who ran a campaign that was unable to persuade enough Americans otherwise.  Obama can order all the investigations he wishes, but those will not change that basic fact.

Source:  Red State

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